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Webshots users offer their photos of Bill Gates mansion in Medina, Wash. A CNET article by , Staff Writer, CNET News. Published on October 20, 2004 10:56 AM 6 Mar 2007 Bill Gates Medina, Wash. Net Worth: $56 billion. Rank: 1. Gates' home is built into a hillside on the edge of Lake Washington, near Seattle. 24 Sep 2007 While we all know Bill Gates as the King of Microsoft, As Gates is on his way home from work, he can fill his tub with water to his Billionaire microsoft founder Bill Gates residence a full virtual tour to the This small chip sends signals throughout the home , and a given room's 30 May 2005 There has been lot of speculation that the home of Bill Gates on Lake Washington was designed on a Macintosh. Pictures of the Gates' complex
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