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min·i·a·ture (m n - -ch r , -ch r, m n -). n. 1. a. A copy or model that represents or reproduces something in a greatly reduced size. Ernie's complete source for dollhouses, dollhouse kits, dollhouse furniture, dollhouse accessories and dollhouse supplies. 1-Inch, 1/2-Inch and 1/144-Inch 1min·i·a·ture. noun \ˈmi-nē-ə-ˌchu̇r, ˈmi-ni-ˌchu̇r, ˈmin-yə-, -chər, -ˌtyu̇r, - ˌtu̇r\. Definition of MINIATURE . 1. a : a copy on a much reduced scale b Creating clothes for boys and girls, bringing out their personality. Collections and news.A miniature is a small-scale reproduction, or a small variation. It may refer to : Miniature (illuminated manuscript), a small painting in an illuminated
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